How they’re made

Our lampshades are handmade through a combination of scoring, folding and shaping of paper.  First the paper has to be accurately scored using a laser cut jig for guidance.  Then it’s the difficult bit, the folding.  This is a fairly complex series of pleating and reverse folding that has to be done carefully and accurately to ensure the final product has neat sharp edges with no buckling or creasing.

Scoring the paper.

ready for folding.


Once the paper has been folded, it can be squshed flat and checked for accuracy.

Once the paper has been folded, each fold is hole-punched top and bottom to allow it to be connected to the support rings. The paper slots easily through the grooves that are laser cut in the support rings, then opens up and is securely held in place.

Making5 Making6
Making7 Making8

The final step once the shade is assembling is to add a little curvature to the folds top and bottom.  This is done by pinching along the folds and adds a softer, flower-like quality to the form.

Shaping the folds Making10 Making11 Making12